Proudly Australian owned and operated, Process Global Australia operating under the banner of KnowledgeOnTap provides high performance, proven and cost effective, quality solutions to clients globally in various industry domains. We work closely with our clients to enable them to achieve and exceed their potential and provide them with the required solutions and services to achieve their goals.

We offer a suite of services to meet our customer’s business needs by providing innovative customer centric solutions and integrating technology with business, in today’s demanding and competitive environment. We undertake customer projects within a structured project management and quality assurance infrastructure (PMI PMBOK supported), with Industry recognized and best practice software development policies, approaches and tools operating within an ISO 9001 workplace.

Our quality-first attitude starts at the top—with passionate and involved leadership that flows outward into every individual in our company that work with our customers both onsite and offshore.

Our supple structure ensures that we can quickly organize and make available, to customers anywhere in the world, requisite multi-disciplined teams virtually or onsite, with necessary business and technical skills and expertise. Our unique culture and approach enable enduring results, true to each customer’s unique requirements.

We will always strive do the right thing by our customers, employees, and partners

We serve a diverse global customer base encompassing financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, media and entertainment, engineering industries, and the public sector supported by highly qualified and experienced domain-knowledgeable consultants.

We are uniquely differentiated and recognized in the marketplace with:

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Credentialed, skilled and
Experience Consultants

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Trustworthy customer

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Operational Excellence

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Persistent and Aggressive

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Proactive and responsive
customer services

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Value quality assurance

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