API’s are the digital glue that provides the backbone and power the transformation of enterprises of all sizes and shapes in any business to connect and enable applications across a broad spectrum of technologies and platforms to leverage the innovations and benefits that is available in the technology landscape of today’s interconnected and always-on world, and as the old and new worlds are inter-connected it is extremely important that this glue which brings them together, is secure and flexible to provide the required data within the context of the applications/systems or Users who require data and ensure that the business is not exposed to any unforeseen risks either by inadvertent or malicious access to the business-critical data by unauthorized users or applications.

              Our API Management Solution (APIM) and Service offerings which when integrated with our Identity and Access management offering provides end to end security for your business needs.

Design, Deploy and manage API Services including API security, API Access Management, Middleware, SaaS integration, Enterprise Service Bus, Microservices and data integration

API Development & Deployment

  • Serverless, microservices based API development using best of breed programming languages like node.js, Java,  Scala, etc.
  • Design and development of Continuous integration and deployment frameworks for Cloud, On-Premise and hybrid infrastructure.

API Security

  • Protection against DDoS, XML Threats, SQL Injections, JS  Injections, and XML Bomb.
  • Federated Authentication and Authorization, support for  OpenID, SAML and OAuth.   The API key and secret management.

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