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At KnowledgeOnTap, we are a top mobile application development company, making high-quality, useful and beautiful mobile apps. With expertise developing and deploying hundreds of mobile applications, Knowledge on Tap promotes an end to end solutions for mobile application development and deployment, from solution design to maintenance of custom mobile solutions. Now, the question remains, are you ready to step up your game and enter the mobile business?

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We are certified app developers and consultants across all major native development environments as well as cross-platform environments

Each mobile platform comes with a unique set of technologies and delivery models, so choosing the right platform is essential for achieving strategic business goals. With our experience with all leading platforms, KnowledgeOnTap is ready to elucidate how each platform can be used to your advantage.

We will walk you through everything from the inception of the product idea to its design, delivery, and support to end users, and will keep you involved as your project progresses to ensure that the mobile application we deliver suits your unique requirements.

IOS App Development

At KnowledgeOnTap, we make sure that our iOS app development services are performed in the highest possible quality. We use Objective-C and Swift to create tailor-made apps that will satisfy both founders and users. We benchmark the best solutions available on the market, but we also don’t hesitate to create new ones if needed.

Android App Development

We are a team of certified android app developers who work on the latest frameworks and android supported technologies to deliver beautifully designed android mobile apps that make their users fall in love with the app right away!

React Native App Development

The latest framework that has taken the market by a surprise for the last 2 years, emerging as one of the most preferred cross-platform development solutions. We have a team of hybrid mobile app developers who not only understand the framework but have delivered innovative solutions for customers on several projects globally.

Xamarin App Development

Would we not agree with the rich interface and development environment offered by Xamarin backed by Visual Studio, C#, and Azure Mobile Apps make it so much easier to develop apps? We are expert Xamarin developers, developing the native apps in Xamarin with our team of certified engineers, making faster and Stabler hybrid solutions with the native feel.

Appcelerator App Development

Another hybrid app development platform that has been in the market for several years now with several million apps across the globe, Knowledge On Tap has been one of the earliest adopters of the technology delivering several apps for its customers.

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