We are globally recognized Microsoft partners for Azure Consulting Services, helping enterprises manage their businesses and infrastructure like never before with higher ROI.

The cloud is enabling increasingly interactive digital experiences. It is the underlying platform that gives a company more flexibility and agility in how they manage their technology resources. With the evolution of the cloud, a new consumption model has realized, which enables enterprises to consume non-differentiating services and focus their IT resources on innovative, differentiating technology that will allow them to move their business forward.

Going digital is more than just automating manual workflows. It is about an organization’s abilities to adapt rapidly to ever changing business environments, new platforms and technologies and competitive threats. This requires an enterprise-wide strategy, with executive buy in. Digital transformation and the cloud go hand-in-hand. At KnowledgeOnTap, we live and breathe cloud, especially Microsoft Azure. We work together with organizations of all sizes on their cloud journey.

At KnowledgeOnTap, we help ISVs & Enterprises leverage Azure as a Platform to build powerful business solutions. Our teams build long-term Technology Roadmaps and implement modern Technology solutions using Azure PaaS, Mobile, Analytics & Internet of Things.

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KnowledgeOnTap Microsoft Azure Consulting Solutions

Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service Consulting

KnowledgeOnTap is a globally recognized Microsoft partner with a core focus on helping enterprises realize the potential of completely automated and managed services on Azure PaaS without additional incurring cost overheads to ensure reliability and performance. Our services include:

Web Apps and Portals

Mobile Apps on Azure

App Migrations

Managed Services

Azure Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Our customers require solutions that help them realize the true potential of their data. We help enterprises build advanced analytics engines using Microsoft Azure cloud platform tools to bring their data to life. Our teams leverage the analytics expertise to store & manage data, perform real-time & predictive analytics and derive business intelligence. Thus, enabling enterprises to innovate & compete in creating differentiated customer satisfaction with guaranteed ROI.

Big Data


Data & Storage

Advanced Analytics &
App Insights

Microsoft Azure IOT Consulting Services

Our team helps Enterprises build Systems of Intelligence using the Azure IoT Platform to extract real-time insights from their business. We leverage our IoT services expertise to connect thousands of physical assets with Azure Cloud, Mobile devices & backend ERPs/CRMs. Thus, enabling them to harness their enterprise data for creating differentiated competitive advantage, higher business value & highly improved customer satisfaction.

Azure IOT Suite

Big Data Analytics

Data Modeling

Mobile and Web Apps

Azure Infrastructure as a Service Consulting

As a globally recognized top enterprise solution provider, we understand the demands and the need to migrate the Legacy LOB systems, and Existing applications & infrastructures to Cloud. We work enterprises with migration strategies and IaaS services for smooth transition of their businesses to Azure. Our consultants aid in capacity estimation, building tolerant and scalable solutions, redundancy and security managed to help organizations run their businesses with higher growth.

Data Center

Web Development | Build cloud-native SaaS Apps and Enterprise Solutions using Azure PaaS, MVC.net, C# and HTML 5 that are based on the Model-View-Controller Architecture.



Security and Access

Backup &


High Performance


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