usiness today, realize the potential of the Cloud consumption business model and cloud consulting. Innovative revenue models and opportunities are just round the corner for your business to succeed with the opportunities higher than ever without investing a massive chunk of your budget. What this means is that you can now focus on your core business without bothering about the overheads. However, this transformation does not come without its own set of challenges and complexities.

Which business applications in your IT landscape are ready to move to the cloud? How do you determine application priority? How ready are you with the transition?

At Knowledge on Tap, we live and breathe cloud to help our customers understand what it really means to migrate to the cloud for their business. Our consultants handhold our customers to help them answer these critical questions and give the best approach to make journey to the cloud as smooth as possible.

Knowledge on Tap Key Cloud Offerings

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Cloud Readiness

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Enterprise Application
Development Strategies

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Cloud Implementation and
Managed Services

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Cloud Integration Solutions
and Services

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Application Migration

Before you start thinking of moving to the cloud, a cloud readiness assessment would be the most important step that needs to be taken to ensure your migration’s success. Knowledge on Tap Free CRA program decides on how and when to transition workloads to the cloud is essential to optimizing cost and business agility. Our consultants determine optimal priority, timing and architecture for migrating your applications, deploying new solutions and their supporting environments to the cloud and other criteria described below:

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Cloud Compatibility

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Business priority

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Machine Utilization

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Application Dependencies

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Cost Estimates

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Hardware Lifespan

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Network Traffic

Key Cloud Offerings - KnowledegeOnTap

Software Licensing Cycles

With the assessment in place, we help decide on the best cloud architecture for the business needs by introducing best practices and insights into industry trends.

Solid experience delivering secured managed enterprise services

Our consultants drive the experience home for you making sure that all your overheads are taken care without giving any hindrances to your core business process.

Step-by-step guidance for adopters of cloud

We help you walk-through to help you navigate through the vast wilderness of the cloud

Testing and hosting applications on Cloud

We help you understand the cloud environments and how your application will behave under the new environment. Our consultants will setup the process and policies to ensure that your applications work on the cloud as expected.

Experience in deploying public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We have certified professionals who understand your core business and policies and help you make the right decisions that will help you reap the benefits of moving to the cloud with the various deployments available.

Cloud-based development & testing environments

Our consultants and developers are experts in developing and delivering solutions on the most concurrent development environments enabling your application to be developed from scratch to match the specifications of your business needs with on-demand infrastructure, services and rapid development tools.

Hosted solutions for messaging & collaboration, CRM and ERP

We build and integrate collaboration platforms and productivity tools into your apps on the cloud helping you leverage the best features of your cloud infrastructure and be more productive right away.

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