Overview of our Professional Services capabilities for Okta Solutions & Services Offerings

The increased need for a Secure and Mobile suite of solutions has never been greater, one which can provide the right balance between accessibility, information, and applications whilst maintaining the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data.

Government and Industry regulations continue to put unprecedented compliance requirements on organizations to secure access to information and applications, not just with employees but also with customers, partners, and contractors. And coupled with the need to reduce budgetary and staffing constraints, organizations are driven to look for better ways to cost-effectively manage their security infrastructure through IAM solutions.

Our Professional service offerings span across the Okta Workforce Identity and Customer Identity Solutions, and related product offerings.

Workforce (Partner) and Customer Identity Solution Offerings

Workforce or Enterprise Identity & Access Management platforms have been historically leveraged to automate the process of employee onboarding, moving and off-boarding in relation to managing their access to enterprise systems and applications, thereby reducing the risk and cost associated with the ongoing management of user identities.

Increasing cybersecurity regulation, the rise of cloud computing and shadow IT, and disruptive trends like the Internet of Things, are also driving requirements to better manage the user identity and access across traditional on-premise applications and cloud applications and support

Controlling access to applications and data for enterprise workforce (employees, contractors, consultants )

Provide your customers and partners with Industry leading solution from Okta to address your business initiatives and enable a secure and seamless access to all your applications

Solution Focus Areas

  • User Identity is the new perimeter – and with Zero Trust Security Model – “Trust No-one – Verify Everyone”
  • Cloud Enablement – Digital Transformation Journey– Modernize Enterprise IT – Applications and Infrastructure
  • Business transformation – Merger and Acquisition – Securely enable access to legacy and cloud-based applications
  • Secure Collaboration with your business partners and their Partners
  • Secure access to your Legacy applications and co-exist with your existing IAM platforms
  • Identity centric control and access of your on-premise and cloud Infrastructure
  • Power your business with industry-leading solutions from Okta

Secure Anytime, anywhere and from any device Access

Secure Seamless access to both on-premise and cloud applications from a single point of access supported by multiple integration patterns and industry standard protocols , password less authentication and Adaptive Multi factor authentication

Centralised Identity Store

Securely manage all of your user identities and associated groups, devices etc from a single identity store and integrate with all of your enterprise wide applications and systems

Secure access to your Legacy applications and co-exist with your existing IAM platforms

Extend modern access control capabilities for your legacy applications and IAM platforms and provide Secure access to legacy applications and protect your business critical applications co-existing in a hybrid world

Secure access to API’s for your business critical applications

Enable security for your business applications and enable secure authentication and authorisation for your application API’s

Business Process driven Identity lifecycle management

Leverage Okta to provide comprehensive identity life cycle management for all of your business needs and integrate with one or many source of truth business critical applications to provide secure , seamless access across your enterprise and beyond

Secure your Server infrastructure with Identity driven access control

Provide secure seamless access with zero trust , Just in time identity and access management for your business critical on premise, multi cloud infrastructure

Business Benefits

  • Standards-based SSO for your On-premise and SaaS Applications – SAML, OpenID Connect (OIDC) and Secure Web Authentication (SWA) with business policy-based Adaptive Multi-Factor authentication
  • Enable secure integration and collaboration  with your Business Partners either as a trusted Identity Provider or a Service Provider enabling secure access to your applications
  • Provide enhanced Customizable user experience – Custom organization URL’s, Sign-in and Self- service registration widgets, Directory integration, Contextual access management
  • Provide secure user access across any device and browser
  • Enhance user experience with secure access to applications with business rules-based access control policies enforced in real-time
  • Passwordless Authentication support for your applications
  • Single point of access for your users – with Desktop and Mobile SSO
  • Centralised Identity store for all your Employees, Contractors, and Business Partners and manage all your user identities, devices integrated with all your identity information stores
  • Enable Self-service user password reset to Okta and to Active Directory / LDAP and applications to reduce your operating costs,  increasing productivity, and enhancing security.
  • Business-rules driven automated workflow-based flows for onboarding and offboarding of users and deep integration from your enterprise applications including HRMS, CRM, Custom Applications or any other source of truth applications to Okta and to other Custom, COTS and SaaS applications based on user roles
  • Contextual Access Management – Based on Geolocation, Impossible Travel patterns, Device context, Network Context, Risk Context
  • Secure privileged access for all your on-premise and cloud infrastructure Servers – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and automate privileged server accounts and policies at scale

Business Benefits

  • Fully Customisable secure login experience with a 360-degree view of your customers across your product offerings, omnichannel access
  • Secure segregated multi-tenant environment for your customers
  • Customize branding based on application context with a branded look and feel for customers end to end
  • Ensure compliance for your customer-facing applications and integrate securely with all market-leading consent management, privacy, and regulatory compliance  solutions
  • Adopt an identity-centric approach that provides continuous secure access for your business-critical applications

Business Benefits

  • Leverage Okta Integration Network and Deep, pre-built integrations that is available to securely connect with applications in your organization eco-system and enable secure seamless customer experience and protect against data breaches
  • Extend and secure your organization applications and systems with the OOTB application categories that is available on the Okta Integration Network
  • 6,500+ applications available for Single Sign-On integration and user identity life cycle management for 130+ cloud and on-prem applications

Okta Integration Network – Application Categories


Human Resources
Information Systems


Application Delivery


Cloud Access Security


Infrastructure as
a Service

Identity Governance
and Administration


Privileged Access

Endpoint Security and


Custom Integrations


Customer Data

Apps for


SaaS Management

Business Benefits

  • Custom Application Development, Enterprise and Customer Portals integration with Okta Workforce and Customer Identity solution offerings
  • Design and Development of Enterprise portals (Custom branding and UI look and feel) end User Portal and integration with Okta solution offerings for both enterprise internal users and B2C, B2B, G2C, and other user types
  • Customized Portal UI to redirect unauthenticated users to an organization-specific login  page, Search page, and layout customization
  • User Self-Service registration sign-in widgets and Custom login widgets on customer websites and integration with Okta for secure access to applications

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