Our Identity is our gateway and connects us in today’s always on world of data and services and the need for providing.

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Secure and Seamless Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access to Any Cloud based or On-premise Applications for Employees, Customers, Partners and other entities for Enterprises both Big and Small and Everything in Between “

Is Very Paramount As Our Personal And Professional Lives Intertwine In A Rapidly Changing Complex World And Is Built On Trust As We Traverse Through Our Daily Lives.

There is an ever growing demand in the market place for enhancing the user experience across multiple delivery channels including Cloud, Mobile and Social media. At the same time this is driving up the complexity of providing Secure Mobile, Identity and Access management services, sharing of data and user information within and between Organizations.

The need for an Always On – Secure and Mobile suite of solutions has never been greater, one which can provide the right balance between accessibility to information and applications whilst maintaining the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data.

Government and Industry regulations continue to put unprecedented compliance requirements on organizations to secure access to information and applications, not just with employees but also with customers, partners, and contractors. And coupled with the need to reduce budgetary and staffing constraints, organizations are driven to look for better ways to cost-effectively manage their security infrastructure. And hence identity and access management has emerged as a key component of the solution delivery platform for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

Knowledge on TAP will work with you as your Trusted Adviser and Partner and our experienced team of Solution Architects and implementation consultants, who have worked on multiple projects across the region and have a credible and proven track record in delivering and supporting of solutions using some of the leading industry vendors in this domain.

Summary of our Identity and Access management Services are

Business case, Digital Identity and Access strategy and roadmap development, Solution Reference architecture Design and alignment with Enterprise architecture to address Use case(s) for all types of Business Identity and access needs.

  • Internal User access to both on-premise and Cloud (SaaS) applications
  • B2B – Partner access to your on-premise and Cloud (SaaS) applications
  • Business to Customer (B2C), Government to Citizen (G2C) – Customer / Citizen access to your custom on-premise and applications

Assessment services to determine the readiness level within an organisation to enable business initiatives to support.

  • Secure anytime. anywhere access to employees and partners from any mobile device with contextual access policies based on business needs
  • Secure and phased Optimisation, upgrade, maintenance and migration and integration of existing applications and on premise IAM solutions with cloud based IAM solutions and applications
  • Enable enterprise IT to provide secure, agile solutions to business users without compromising on Business policies, process , Compliance and Regulatory requirements (i.e. use of shadow IT by business to meet their needs in a timely manner without being constrained by internal IT process and skillsets)
  • Secure seamless customer experience
  • Merger and Acquisition – secure and seamless integration of business applications and user access needs
  • Secure seamless collaboration with partners
  • Secure API identity and access management and integration of both on premise and cloud applications
  • Secure and seamless user experience and access across both Web based and mobile applications
  • Secure solutions to address industry specific requirements and regulatory , compliance needs

We provide ongoing management and support for Identity and Access management solutions, and work towards ensuring that our customers can continuously leverage the capabilities and product enhancements to maximise their investment and enable them to retain and attract new clients.

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