Virtual Team (Staffing-as-a-Service)

Staffing Services is one of the core businesses of Knowledge On Tap. We provide Information Technology and Engineering Staffing solutions for various industry domains including but not limited to Automotive, Healthcare, Finance, Marketing, Retail, State, Local and Federal Government, Energy, Utilities, Education, Universities, and others.

Every successful project needs flawless execution. Knowledge on Tap, as a staff augmentation company, is here to fill the gap. With everything revolving around technology today, the demand for talented developers and IT teams is higher than ever but sourcing candidates individually is costly in time and resources, crippling the entire process with bitter experiences. Dedicated team model comes to the rescue in this situation, typically eliminating the need of your organization to hire and manage the team in-house, rather find highly qualified specialists which meet the requirements of the project and allows them to accomplish the planned amount of work.

Knowledge on Tap's virtual teams and staff augmentation services expedites your progress with the provision of talented, experienced and well sought after developers from our in-house technical talent pool. Here are some benefits we provide for organizations seeking to overcome the shortage of talent and scale their way towards production:

We provide the following types of Staffing Services:

On Site

We provide staff that is based onsite alongside our customer team(s) for both short term and long term as needed. Some of the services that are typically provided by our on-site teams include

  • Enterprise reference Architecture, Strategy , Roadmap and Design
  • Information Security assessment and review
  • Testing services such as Unit, Functional, Load and Regression Testing

Off Shore Staffing

Knowledge OnTap offers cost-effective and highly flexible offshore staff augmentation services for its customers. We specialize in offering offshore staffing solutions to customers who are primarily challenged in forecasting internal resources needs or in finding niche skill set for the budget and timeline they have or who wants to ramp up and ramp down the resources while containing cost and deliver on time. Our resources will be an extension of customers’ onshore project team.

We have a wide range of technical resources who are experienced and trained, available for any project or resource needs. Benefits to customers that we offer include but not limited to:

  • Cost Effective offshore resources, thus eliminating the overhead cost to a customer from employing permanent resources
  • Talented and skilled resources
  • Resource who can work flexible hours, with all the tools and infrastructure to provide support from offshore
  • Our offshore team will work as an extension of our customer’s existing team(s)
  • Single point of contact at your location
  • Flexible scaling model for rapid on-board or off-boarding of resources

Combo – Onsite & Offshore

We also offer a blended model based on a combination of onsite and offshore resources to suit your specific needs. Some of the offerings include

Standard Time & Material Model:

This is a standard Time and Material approach in which we provide staffing on a time and material basis. This is also commonly referred to as staff augmentation or supplemental staff. Our resources will work as our customers extended staff for the duration of a contract term.

Staffing on a Fixed Price Rotation Basis:

With this model, we offer our customers the flexibility to fund a fixed price effort for a specific period of time. Thus, we provide them with an agreed number of resources on a rotation basis. Wherein, each resource will provide onsite services for an agreed period of time and followed up with offshore services for the duration of the engagement.

Project Specific T&M Model:

This model comprised of a team of resources with varied skill sets specific to a given project or program of work and will be a combination of both on-site and offshore resources who are on-boarded as needed during the project lifecycle

On Demand

Setup your teams and resources on any day and anytime based on your needs

Zero Risk

We provide you $1 Million liability insurance per incident and a 1-year warranty on all works done by us. Thus, shielding you against any liabilities and risks.


Choose your team to be working on-site, off-site or a combination of both with working hours as per your needs. With our global team, have a team working on your time or can continue to pick up from where you left off.

We Don't Outsource

Unlike most of our competition, 100% of our work is done within our premises in a controlled environment by our talented full-time employees. Thus, making sure that your IP stays protected.

Large Resource Pool

With our large pool of resources spanning various modern and legacy technologies, you have the option to select and decide on what kind of team would be the best fit for your business needs.

Save Time and Money

We carefully source, hire, train, provide benefits and payroll for all of our talented employees. With us handling all your overheads and processes that are not part of your business needs, Knowledge on Tap assures you are saving more than 50% on cost and be more productive.


Your new dedicated team becomes part of your daily scrum and follows an Agile methodology that allows for resource adjustments throughout the production cycle. Scale the team as you need.

Team Cohesion and Stability

Carefully sourced and tested developers who integrate seamlessly with your in-house team and infrastructure. You can tap into a pool of project knowledge beyond that of your dedicated team.

Eliminate internal hiring process

With us coming into the picture, all HR and administrative costs are our responsibility. Just drop your requirements and walk away with your team.

Full control like in-house teams

You don’t have to worry about providing IT support, housing, or work stations for your off-site team.

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