Identity and Access Management Services

Our OnTAP consulting service offerings is geared towards enabling your business vision and goals and translating it to a tangible, achievable, fit for purpose and flexible, secure, adaptable, scalable and modular to adapt to your business needs of today and future requirements and expanding or extending your presence geographically through organic / rapid growth, Merger & Acquisition, partnership(s) and anything else in between

We will be your partner as your embark on this journey and be an integral part of your team – when your vision is realised and the “rubber hits the road” and with our extensive OnTAP array of tools in our toolbox built with the trials and tribulations of working with customers in different verticals (Finance, Manufacturing, Health, BFSI , Government to name a few) and the lessons learned and knowledge / experience gained will be leveraged to ensure a successful outcome for your needs

Strategy and Roadmap

Like an artisian who diligently crafts his trade to create a sculpture with attention to detail

  • We will work with you to craft a plan to align with your business vision and goals and ask questions and translate this into an actionable and practical Strategy and provide the roadmap – charter the path to achieve the strategy whilst ensuring that it is inline with your budgetary and organizational needs and realities, and ensure you have a strong foundation on which you can build as your business needs change.

  • We will work closely with you to ensure that the Strategy is tangible, measurable for achieving your business outcomes and is delivered in partnership with you and your team(s) and business partners and all required stakeholders

  • Our services include Business case development, Digital Identity, and Access strategy and roadmap development, Solution Reference architecture Design and alignment with Enterprise architecture strategy and roadmap

  • We will ensure that the deliverables are modular and whilst we will be privileged to partner with you on every step of this journey, and “Walk the Talk”

Architecture & Design

Our team will draw on our experience and work with you to ensure that

  • We build a secure , scalable, and flexible architecture which is then leveraged for the design and build of the identity platform to address your business needs whilst adhering to Keep IT Secure Scalable – KISS principle

  • Providing the right balance between ease of use and secure access and integration of all the complex interconnected systems and applications with your internal and external broader ecosystem

  • Ensuring a right fit for purpose solution is designed for your business needs , and ensuring that it aligns with your overall enterprise architecture

  • Leverage industry best practice and architectural frameworks

  • Proof of Concept (PoC) and Pilot delivery of proposed solutions within your environment

Implementation Services

Our OnTAP delivery team will work with your internal stakeholders, business partners and service providers and provide

  • Implementation (Deployment) services in line with the Architecture and Design of proposed solution

  • Integrate with cloud, in house, hybrid application ecosystems for Identity and access management of all user profiles

  • Migration of existing IAM solutions to modern Identity-as-a-service offerings from leading vendors

  • Tailored solutions to comply with regulatory requirements (e.g. HIPPA, SOX, GDPR ) and industry standards (e.g. NIST, FIDO, Essential 8 )

  • Custom implementation services including development and deployment of custom solution components (e.g. Identity lifecycle management connectors for integration with your custom build applications )

  • Solution enhancement and ongoing support services

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