he challenge of a complex, competitive and fast-changing market place and business environment demands quick and responsive solutions. To accomplish this critical goal, organizations are creating new, and innovative collaborative ways of doing business. Alliances between solution and service providers and their customers are bringing about unprecedented gains in profit and competitiveness to all parties.

KnowledgeOnTap IAM Services

Knowledge on Tap, with our high-level business and technical experience, choose organizations that will enrich our service offerings and solutions portfolio with our customers. The starting point for each and every partnership and associations is shared values, mutual trust and a compelling vision of the possibilities for a win-win long-term relationship

Our valued Partners who enable us to be your Trusted Adviser and Partner are

Okta Partner

We are proud to Partner with Okta – a leader in Cloud-based Identity and Access management solutions (delivering IDaaS) to enable businesses to provide secure and seamless anytime, anywhere, any device access to any Cloud-based or on-premise applications to employees, customers, partners and other entities for enterprises both big and small and anything in between.

Okta Partner

Okta IAM Partner

Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team LLC
We partner with Star Knowledge who is a leading provider located in the US and India and an accredited Microsoft Gold Partner. Star Knowledge Global Holdings (“Star Knowledge”) is comprised of two enterprises, namely: Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC and Star Knowledge India.

Star Knowledge has a proven track record and has built a reputation for providing quality services for clients serving a diverse global customer base encompassing financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, media and entertainment, engineering industries, and the public sector supported by highly qualified and experienced domain-knowledgeable consultants.

Our partnership with Star knowledge is a key enabler of our mission to “Source Global and Service Local” which provides the best of breed by allowing us to leverage the global pool of resources and our local experience and expertise in understanding the needs of our customers and able to provide global Knowledge on TAP and be your “Trusted Adviser and Partner”

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