Okta Access Gateway Implementation Services (OAGIS)

Jump Start your digital transformation journey for Modernizing Access to your legacy web applications
Enable secure seamless access with Adaptive MFA support
Decrease OPEX Costs and deprecate infrastructure
Transition out of legacy Web Access management solutions
Pathway to migrate from end of life – legacy WAM solutions
Securely enable remote access to on-prem applications (without VPN)

Okta Access Gateway Implementation Services (OAGIS)

This solution is geared for existing businesses that are currently using on premise IAM solutions for securing access to their business-critical applications, and have embarked on a digital transformation journey to modernize your existing IAM Solution , to leverage modern IAM solution capabilities including integration with Zero Trust solutions, and provide Adaptive Multi factor authentication and secure seamless Single Sign-On access to Users for accessing On premise and Cloud based applications
Okta Access gateway provides the bridge to enable modern secure authentication patterns for on-premises applications. And provides the following benefits
  • Integrated Single Sign-On and Multi factor Authentication enablement for on premise web applications and Cloud based applications.

  • Transformation pathway for migrating on premise web applications to Okta IdaaS solution at Your Own Pace

  • Enable secure remote access to on premise web applications without any dependency on access via VPN

OAGIS is available via the AWS Marketplace