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Workforce (Partner) and Customer Identity Solution Offerings

Workforce or Enterprise Identity & Access Management platforms have been historically leveraged to automate the process of employee onboarding, moving and off-boarding in relation to managing their access to enterprise systems and applications, thereby reducing the risk and cost associated with the ongoing management of user identities.

Increasing cybersecurity regulation, the rise of cloud computing and shadow IT, and disruptive trends like the Internet of Things, are also driving requirements to better manage the user identity and access across traditional on-premise applications and cloud applications and support

Controlling access to applications and data for enterprise workforce (employees, contractors, consultants )

Provide your customers and partners with Industry leading solution from Okta to address your business initiatives and enable a secure and seamless access to all your applications

We are privileged to partner with Okta – The World’s #1 Identity Platform – Consistently named a Leader by major analyst firms as a Select Solution provider and Service Delivery partner and provide end to end solution and services for all your IAM needs

Our Okta Solution offering, and services include

Proof of Concept / Pilot of Okta Solution in our Okta Demo environment(s) or in your own environment(s)

License Subscription Sales and Renewals –  We will leverage our partnership with Okta Presales / Sales leadership team and provide competitive pricing for Okta license and support subscriptions and renewal needs

Solution Architecture Design and Deployment – Provide end to end Okta Architecture , Design , Implementation and Support Services in line with Okta and industry best practices for a secure , stable deployment and integration within your environment

Services and Support – Provide ongoing support for your Okta solution deployment with flexible engagement models including  pre-purchased support hours or dedicated Okta SME support services

Okta-Identity-Assessment (OIA) Services is provided for existing Okta customers and is a tailored service offering for 

  • Review of  existing Okta deployment and assessed with Okta and Industry deployment best practices and leveraging our team(s) experience with deploying Okta and lessons learnt
  • Maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) in Okta SaaS subscription services and leveraging all available subscription entitlements and product features 
  • Review Okta Architecture, Design and deployment and validate against business requirements and business use case(s)

Okta Workforce, Customer Identity and Platform Solutions

Workforce or Enterprise Identity & Access Management platforms have traditionally included the core capabilities for

  • Enabling secure seamless Single Sign-On to applications both web applications – both SSO standards compatible (SAML, OAuth, OIDC) and legacy apps, and thick client applications (e.g. SAP GUI Clients) , Strong authentication with Multi factor enablement, user self-service password reset (SSPR) 
  • Automate the process of workforce onboarding, moving and off-boarding (Joiner-Mover-Leaver – JML) for managing access to enterprise systems and applications and integration with Source of truth applications – HRMS , Internal custom applications etc
    • User Identity lifecycle administration of internal and external workforce identities, including synchronization of user data from external Directory (LDAP ,. Microsoft Active Directory)  and related identity synchronization services
  • Increasing cybersecurity regulation, the rise of cloud computing and shadow IT, and disruptive trends like the Internet of Things, are also driving requirements to better manage the user identity and access across traditional on-premise , SaaS and Hybrid applications 
  • Managing access to applications and data for enterprise workforce (employees, contractors, consultants ) with real time validation in a Zero trust environment is very much essential and required by business of all sizes 
  • Leveraging the capabilities that is provided by Okta Workforce identity solution suite of products we will work with you to address your business need and deployment of a secure stable solution which is extensible as your business needs change , and enable you to adapt accordingly 

Our team has extensive experience in design and deployment of all Okta Workforce Identity solution offerings and integration features that is available with the thousands of certified applications available in the Okta Integration network – which is a broad ecosystem from vendors large and small

Okta Customer Identity

There has never been a greater need for secure, scalable, flexible, and reliable Customer Identity solution which has been magnified after the global impact of Covid-19 pandemic wherein

  • Governments globally at all levels – Local, State and Federal
  • Enterprises – of all shapes and sizes including traditional brick and mortar companies, in all service domains including Health, Education, Retail , Energy , Financial Services (Both Macro and Micro institutions) , Travel and Entertainment, Hospitality , Not for Profit and every other domain

have transformed to provide their services online across multiple delivery channels and this has required a fundamental shift and forced business to embark on a digital transformation journey at speed whilst ensuring their Crown jewels (think Customer data, security , ease of access to your business applications and everything else in between) whilst managing regulatory and compliance requirements and operational risks and costs for ensuring no impact to the quality of service to Citizens and Customers 

And this has been more challenging for Governments at all levels – as traditionally they have always operated with some form of physical interaction with the Citizens and between agencies, with business partners and the wider society to provide their services. And this has been upended at the speed of light – with services like

  • Covid-19 Vaccination delivery program(s),  QR Code – who would have envisaged this will be a critical service provided by Governments for ensuring the safety and health of their citizens and subsequent management of user data without compromising the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data

We will partner with you to fully leverage Okta’s Industry leading secure , scalable , flexible, and reliable CIAM (aka customer identity)  solution offering for all business needs and a secure, seamless customer experience at scale and performance, across all delivery channels (Web, Mobile etc) and enable you to attract , retain and grow you customer base and provide them with a user-friendly experience for engaging with your brand

Governments can provide secure access to their services leveraging Okta’s secure platforms and which has been certified by all leading industry and government regulatory bodies – https://trust.okta.com/compliance

Okta Platform Services

Okta Platform Services enables enterprises and Government agencies to leverage the Okta solution as modular components aka Platform Services integrated with your applications and external systems will enable you to address every Identity use case(s) for your requirements in a secure, stable , flexible, and modular fashion and are available as product(s) within the Okta Identity suite, or can be integrated via API’s and SDK’s

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