KonTAP Professional Service Offerings for Okta Solutions

Identity Simplified to address your Complex business needs

Members of our Identity and Access Management team are specialists in this field and have extensive experience gained whilst working for various leading IAM vendors and enterprise clients. We have access to key Okta resources which allows us to provide our clients with value-added solutions that lead the market and enable you to fully leverage the features and capabilities provided by Okta solution offerings and ensure that the ROI is maximised for our customers.

Members of our team have successfully completed the Okta Certifications

Members of our team have successfully completed the Okta Certifications

and we will endeavour to be a Trusted Advisor and Partner for our clients by leveraging our expertise and understanding of the Identity and Access Management domain and our experience with having completed multiple projects across many Industry verticals in the region, to establish, grow and enable businesses of all types and size to provide “Secure and Seamless Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access to Any Cloud based or On-premise Applications for Employees, Customers, Partners and other entities for Enterprises both Big and Small and Everything in Between “

Why Us?

We will work with you to ensure that you will maximize your investment in Okta by fully leveraging the features and capabilities of Okta, whilst addressing your business requirements and ensuring that the time to deploy is accelerated to increase user adaptivity

Your Trusted Partner on your Digital Transformation Journey

We will partner with you to ensure that our proven implementation experience and our global team of resources are leveraged to meet your business needs and will be with you as you embark on this identity journey and provide a full suite of service offerings

A Proven Methodology for Success

We have proven well-established processes which is flexible to be adapted to your specific needs for every project. Our Implementation methods will ensure a successful delivery and ensure your business needs are addressed with measurable results and ensuring ROI for your ongoing investment with the market-leading solution

IAM (Ready RU?) Assessment Phase

During this phase , we will actively engage and work with the team(s) across your enterprise to understand the readiness for the proposed deployment of the Okta solution offering and discuss all related dependencies and priorities , including all business partners and service provider team(s)

IAM Strategy & roadmap

Solution Architecture & Design Phase

We work with all the key stakeholders and project team(s) for project initiation and requirements analysis , and to ensure that AS IS and future TO BE state is discussed in detail and a phased roadmap with the right foundational Solution Reference architecture & Design that is in alignment with Enterprise architecture strategy and roadmap is completed

IAM implementation

Solution Build and Configuration Phase

The team start work on the solution build which is in line with the approved solution architecture and design, on the Okta preview and production tenants and integrate with all of the in scope applications and ensure that all of the required use case scenarios are built, configured and tested prior to handing over business for UAT testing

IAM Custom Development Services

Solution Testing , Deployment and Support Phase

During this phase our team will work with your project team and business stakeholders during User Acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure that solution is ready for deployment , and that all required end user training and communication is ready for successful go-live of solution. And will support you post successful go-live

iam integration

Project Closure

Post successful go-live of the project, we will work with the business and project team and formally close the project and ensure that any open items or new business needs are discussed and plan for addressing future business needs with further enhancement of the solution

Project-Based (Customized) Service Delivery Offering

IAM in a box Service Delivery Offering

Our services encompass all the products and the features that are available with the Okta Workforce
and Customer Identity solution suite and Platform Services

  • Single Sign-On – SAML, OpenID Connect (OIDC), Secure Web Authentication (SWA)
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP
  • Social Authentication (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Sign-in With Okta
  • OIN applications integration, Inbound / Outbound federation to on-premise enterprise applications and SaaS applications
  • Desktop and Mobile SSO (cloud and On-premise apps)
  • RADIUS Integration
  • Customizable user experience – Custom organization URL’s, Sign-in and Self-service registration widgets, Contextual access management
  • Application integration with Okta Universal Directory (LDAP) and authentication
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP for users and group management
  • Enable delegated authentication to Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP
  • Design and deployment of UD with attribute level mastering from multiple sources of truth – e.g. HRMS , O365 (email), On premise application (Employee ID) etc
  • Self-service password reset configuration for UD and other downstream applications including Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP
  • 3rd party MFA integration – Factors based (Okta Verify OTP, Push), SMS, Email as a factor, SMS, Voice, 3rd Party factors – viz. Google Authenticator, Symantec VIP, RSA Token, Yubikey, Duo, Biometrics-Windows Hello, Apple TouchID
  • Contextual Access Management – Based on Geolocation, Impossible Travel patterns, Device context, Network Context, Risk Context
  • OAuth 2.0 and OIDC – Integration and setup for On-premise and SaaS Applications
  • Dynamic client registration policy configuration and setup
  • Central Access and Authorization policy management and setup
  • Authorization Policy server configuration including Scopes and Claims for application-specific Policies
  • Okta Single Sign-On integration with your legacy applications and enabling Adaptive Multi factor authentication to on premise legacy apps
  • Provide integration support for legacy and complex on-premise applications – such as Oracle eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, SharePoint using native integrations patterns including Kerberos, Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) and reverse proxy Header-Based authentication to integrate on-premise applications without changing their source code
  • Okta SSO, UD and LCM integration with your Server infrastructure – on-premise and IaaS multi cloud hosted server environment on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Deploy Seamless SSO and MFA authentication to SSH and RDP workflows for remote access to your server environments both on premise and cloud based
  • Configure and automate the (de) provisioning of local server accounts and policies across all downstream servers with Okta as the source of truth
  • User identity lifecycle management for both SaaS and On-premise enterprise applications
  • Okta Universal directory and Okta Active directory enabling organizations to achieve consolidated user identity view, and setup of Extensible Profiles, Transformations
  • Universal Directory, User Identity Life-Cycle, Groups, Roles, Entitlement management, Access-Request, (De)Provisioning Workflows
  • User Identity Mastering from Source of Truth – e.g. Workday , Success Factors , Active Directory etc
  • Universal Directory, User Identity Life-Cycle, Groups, Roles, Entitlement management, Access-Request, (De)Provisioning Workflows
  • Design, Build & Implement custom connectors and APIs supporting System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standards
    for on-premise identity lifecycle management for On-premise enterprise COTS and Custom applications which don’t support SCIM
  • On-boarding new users through a Social Provider like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Configuration for enterprise application integration and user identity synchronization across multiple directory services to enable organizations to achieve consolidated user identity governance view
  • Capturing the Social Profile attributes from a Social Provider user and storing those attributes in Okta Universal Directory and configuration as a cloud-based LDAP directory for your SaaS and On-premise applications
  • No Code workflows for building identity centric fine grained business process driven management of user identities
  • Integration with your existing ITSM solutions (e.g. Service NOW) for automated management of business process flows in downstream systems and applications
  • Standards based integration for user access and identity management viz. SAML , OIDC , SCIM etc to leverage the platform service capabilities that is available, and which is an integral part of the Okta IdaaS platform
  • Integration with your enterprise application ecosystem leveraging Okta APIs and Okta Hooks and supported integrations in the Okta Integration network with the broad spectrum of integration categories

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