KONTAP Professional Service Offerings for OKTA Solutions

Members of our Identity and Access Management team are specialists in this field and have extensive experience gained whilst working for various leading IAM vendors and enterprise clients. We have access to key Okta resources which allows us to provide our clients with value-added solutions that lead the market and enable you to fully leverage the features and capabilities provided by Okta solution offerings and ensure that the ROI is maximised for our customers.

Members of our team have successfully completed the Okta Certifications

and we will endeavour to be a Trusted Advisor and Partner for our clients by leveraging our expertise and understanding of the Identity and Access Management domain and our experience with having completed multiple projects across many Industry verticals in the region, to establish, grow and enable businesses of all types and size to provide “Secure and Seamless Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access to Any Cloud based or On-premise Applications for Employees, Customers, Partners and other entities for Enterprises both Big and Small and Everything in Between”

Why Us?

We will work with you to ensure that you will maximize your investment in Okta by fully leveraging the features and capabilities of Okta, whilst addressing your business requirements and ensuring that the time to deploy is accelerated to increase user adaptivity

Your Trusted Partner on Your Digital Transformation Journey

We will partner with you to ensure that our proven implementation experience and our global team of resources are leveraged to meet your business needs and will be with you as you embark on this identity journey . We will work with your internal team(s) – business, HRMS, IT and external service provider team(s) to ensure a successful deployment of Okta solutions for a secure, stable, and extensible foundation for addressing your business needs with flexibility to extend as your business needs change

A Proven Methodology For Success

We have proven well established processes which is flexible to be adapted to your specific needs for every program and project stream. Our Implementation methods will ensure a successful delivery and ensure your business needs are addressed with measurable results and ensuring ROI for your ongoing investment with the market leading solution

One Size does not Fit All

Every business is unique and has its vision , goals and needs which it proudly leverages to provide a superior secure user experience across all its omni channel delivery approach.

A-LA-CARTE-Services on Tap- Customer Specific Services  to meet your needs

Our A-La-Carte-Services-On-TAP service offering is specific to your business needs and scoped out to deploy Okta solution offering in a phased manner to ensure you can maximize the investment for Okta license subscriptions. We will then partner with you for ensuring a successful deployment and our enterprise custom service offerings include “A-La-Carte” selection of services which can be ramped up / dialled down as needed based on the project needs.

Custom engagement model – with Fixed price / T&M for initial phase and pre-purchased service hours for subsequent phases which provides a blended mix for your team and our KonTAP Okta certified team

Table D’HÔTE-Services – Pre-Packaged Okta Deployment Services

Our Pre-packaged Service offerings cater for design and deployment of Okta solutions to cater for meeting standard business requirements and use case(s) based on standard design and benchmarked to Okta and Industry best practice recommendations

These pre-packaged service offerings cater for Okta Workforce Identity solutions for provision of Access management Or Access & Identity Life Cycle Okta products and integration with your key business critical applications for enabling seamless secure access

Available as a Fixed price engagement for defined set of deliverables

  • Solution Architecture and Design

  • Tiered Okta Implementation services –  5 – 50 applications integrations for licensed product subscriptions

  • Testing – System Integration , UAT support

  • Production Go-Live support

  • Optional –  Post go-live ongoing support services with flexible engagement models including  pre-purchased support hours or dedicated Okta SME support