IAM Strategy, Architecture and Design Services

  • Business case development, Digital Identity, and Access strategy and roadmap development, Solution Reference architecture Design and alignment with Enterprise architecture strategy and roadmap.
  • Readiness assessment services to determine the readiness level within an organization to enable business initiatives to support Secure anytime, anywhere access to Employees, Partners and Customers to address all your business needs
  • Enable enterprise IT to provide secure, agile solutions to businesses without compromising on Business Policies, Process, Compliance and Regulatory requirements (i.e. use of shadow IT by business to meet their needs in a timely manner without being constrained by internal IT process and skillsets)
  • Secure seamless customer experience – B2C, G2C (Government to Citizen) secure IAM Service delivery
IAM Consulting Services
  • Secure seamless collaboration with partners – B2B Secure IAM Service delivery
  • Merger and Acquisition – secure and seamless integration of business applications and user access needs
  • Secure API identity and access management and integration of both on-premise and cloud applications
  • Secure and seamless user experience and access across both Web-based and mobile applications
  • Secure solutions to address industry-specific requirements and related regulatory and compliance needs
  • Optimization, Upgrade, Maintenance and Migration and Integration of existing applications and on-premise IAM solutions with cloud-based IAM solutions and applications

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