AS IS and To BE – State Identity and Access Assessment

With the recent spate of Identity related attacks and malicious access attempts leveraging the attack vectors that is prevalent in solutions that is deployed in organizations of all sizes, it is evident that it is of critical importance that decision makers at all levels of the organization are kept abreast of the State of Affairs i.e.,  “Know what you Don’t Know “  , so that informed decisions can be made for ensuring the information and data is securely accessible and appropriate risk mitigation and business continuity processes are put in place for ensuring any unauthorised access attempts / access is managed accordingly 

In this context – the emphasis of this article is for organizations and governments to ensure that there is a clear understanding of – AS IS -state Identity and Access management and more importantly to ensure that the pathway towards the journey for traversing to the target state is well understood and clearly articulated on the Why , What , How and By When is mapped out to ensure that Identity is a key enabler and Lynchpin to the Digital transformation journey and  

It is recommended that an assessment of external Industry trends, applicable regulatory and compliance frameworks, is considered alongside Internal assessment of business drivers, requirements and the use cases that is required to be addressed to enable secure access and aligns with Industry frameworks and principles including Zero Trust Framework and co-existence and integration with the overall information security framework and solution components within the organization

Our Identity and Access management assessment service offering will capture your AS IS state and work with you to understand and chart out the To BE state for your organization and align with your business needs to map out the pathway for modernization and provide a solution that is standards compliant, vendor agnostic solution with the agility, scalability, and flexibility to adapt based on the business needs

Contact us – for further information on the IAM assessment service offering and for a custom assessment service that is tailored to your needs 

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